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A Global Action by EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance, LLC

We are changing the world by creating a global master platform that strongly focus on five essential and fundamental pillars of the human life and creates a sustainable economy that will have a high impact in the people, the cities and the countries of the World.


  • Building Communities with hospitals and clinics that provide quality care for every citizen.
  • Cities with proper infrastructure that provides modern transit systems that work for people
  • Schools that teach every child to thrive to become a better citizen in all aspects of life
  • Environments with clean air, clean water and healthy sanitation for all
  • The possibility of housing for all, families with low income owning their homes
Our Core Business

Prosperity, better life for people and a better planet.

An investment for a profit is not longer the interest of our global Investors. Our investment approach is if it doesn’t make a difference to the world in terms of environmental and social impacts we are not interested. Conscious and Sustainable Investing (CSI) is really about doing no harm and making sure that “we manage environmental, social and governance risk, financial inclusion, and reducing poverty.”
Our Approach

We are an independent consulting group, as well as developers and investors of high social impact, green-sustainable projects, particularly in Latin America, and The Caribbean. We partner with governments and private companies around the globe to build new cities, communities, and infrastructures.

Our platform integrates, capital, BlackLions development models (GREEN-SMART Cities, QualityLife Cities), global technology powerhouses, economies of scale, supply chain, and development into a global delivery system.

Our approach is to create financial stability, new employment opportunities, and economic growth in the upcoming markets. Having a big social and environmental impact on health, technology, water, real estate, education, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, women’s business opportunity, and low-income housing for lower-middle-income communities of the World.

Leonardo Padron-Hermes,

EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance
Our Mission

We are revising the world by creating ingenious solutions on the essentials and fundamentals pillars of humanity. Providing a sustainable, social-environmental economy that will have the highest impact in the people, the cities and the countries of the World. We will combine this with business strategies and tactics that propel growth and profitability to all.



Our biggest asset is the combined experience, knowledge, contacts, and integrity of our founders, as well as, our capital strategic allies with our own opportunity fund. Our founders combined have funded over $4 Billion in commercial mortgages with over 75 years of financial experience. They’ve worked and collaborated with top global financial institutions, as well as recognized financial regulatory entities.

EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance, LLC is an investment firm that creates vehicles and strategies on investing in developing cities that strongly focuses on the essentials and fundamental pillars of human life.

We seek to create a positive impact, propel growth, and generate long-term value for our clients.

EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance
Where we work
In terms of territory one of our sister company provides a global reach in order to sell our cities to a global community, particularly in Latin America, Europe, USA and Canada
Experienced Team
Meet Our Leadership Team
Leonardo Padron-Hermes Mr. Padron-Hermes has over 25 years in real estate brokerage and

Gabriel Gutierrez

CEO of Latin America
Mr. Gutierrez has more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, both in the tourism

Oscar Meijide Estapa

Chief Investment for LATAM
Mr. Meijide is a truth Master in structuring diversified projects at the global scale, it has

Arthur Swiatkowski

Global Group Business Intelligence

Judith Padron-Hermes

Global Recruiter
Ms. Padron-Hermes brings more than 20 years of small-balance commercial and residential real

Denis Hodges

Chief Operating Office

Michael J. Sacks

Chief Legal Counsel
Mr. Sacks is responsible for all legal matters of BlackLion Group. His firm is considered a

Julie Hodges

Global Real Estate Recruiter

Kathleen De La Rosa

Director of Graphic Design & Digital Marketing
Ms. De La Rosa is a principal with our company and specializes in graphic design and digital

José Matos

International Director for Europe & Latin America

Jeffrey Lustbader

Global Chief Executive Officer
Jeffrey Lustbader Entrepreneurship & Experience

A global platform with the greatest social impact on human life and the environment”.

— BlackLions Vision —

abril 2021