About us

We are an independent consulting group, as well as developers and investors of high social impact, green-sustainable projects, particularly in Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. We partner with governments and private companies around the globe to built new cities, communities and infrastructures.

We facilitate capital to create financial stability, new employment opportunities, and economic growth. The firm’s consulting services cover sectors including, health, technology, water, real estate, education, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, women’s business opportunity, and low-income housing for lower-middle-income communities.

It is this combination of local knowledge with a global perspective along with intellectual capital and creativity that allows us to provide a vantage point and effective long-term solutions for our clients.

EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance, LLC.

We are revising the world by creating ingenious solutions on the essentials and fundamentals pillars of humanity. Providing a sustainable, social-environmental economy that will have the highest impact on the people, the cities, and the countries of the World. We will combine this with business strategies and tactics that propel growth and profitability.





Leading the Way
In Private and Public Sector Development

We help countries develop their government and private sectors in multiple industries: 

  • Human Capital through loans, helping entrepreneurs and women to become successful.
  • Deploy Capital Thru strategic partnership and collaboration with global capital providers.
  • Advising private and governments with innovative and creative capital opportunities.