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Diversity, Inclusion & Gender-Equality
At EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance, LLC what drives our business forward is our diverse teams that look at every challenge as an opportunity. Our different cultures foster inclusion, promoting collaboration that at the end empowers and impacts our company. We serve by providing market-driven financial solutions, innovations, and education that creates unlimited possibilities not only for our clients but for our diverse employees, associates, and allies.

We embrace diversity, inclusion and gender equality and focus on talent and skill set.

Knowledge . Experience . Performance
SINCE 1999 (our humble beginnings)

Since 1999, our founder build Metwest Commercial Lender with the purpose to bring to the market, business opportunities, capital awareness, technology, and education available for everyone. Today we just did it again with EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance,LLC.

We have an equitable selection process, empathetic leadership, work environment that provides the best support for people to reach their full potential, created an advancement opportunities in a fair and equitable way.

Business Opportunity

If you want to become financially independent and have a successful career in the financial world there’s nothing stopping you. We encourage you to get more information about our EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance,LLC. Employment Opportunity whether you are a man or a woman, this is the perfect business for you.

Seeking creative-mind people who loves to collaborate with others, exchange ideas and believed they can build the impossible.

Our driving force, constantly reinventing ourselves, embedded into our DNA from inception. Focusing on building strong teams where everyone’s idea is taken into consideration. Developing products that can bring value to more diverse clients.

Entrepreneurship is all about transforming the world by solving big problems and taking your career and dreams into your own hands. BlackLions gives you the opportunity to become a part of our team of Entrepreneurs and find a balance between working and enjoying life.

This is a Trillion dollar market opportunity and at the global level is even colossal. From our own experience, back in the days of Metwest, women in our company were leaders in terms of discipline, knowledge, performance, and income. A prove of this is our CEO and partners made the decision to make a young Hispanic woman the President of the company leading at that time over 500 loan officers and over 35 offices nationwide, originating $1 Billion in small-balance commercial mortgages loans every year because she proved she had what it takes to be a leader.

The Company

At EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance,LLC diversity starts at our core’s principles, we embrace people across genders, race, ethnicity, religion and more. For us, the key is to find people who think differently “outside the box” who’s willing to challenge the status quo, creating an environment where the best ideas are the winners, regardless from who the idea came from, therefore creating a more equitable financial world.

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