What we do
EDDA Stock & BlackLions Finance,LLC.

We partner up with developers, landowners or governments, interested in building a high social impact and green-sustainable projects, particularly in Latin America, The Caribbean, Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

We focus primarily in sectors like health, technology, water, education, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, women’s business opportunity and low-income housing for lower-middle-income communities.

What we do
Product & Services
Corporate Finance
Our capital providers infuse direct investments into companies in the developing world which will have a high social and environmental impact on society.
Real Estate Finance
The principals of BlackLions, have funded over $ 4 Billion in commercial real estate mortgages. Providing financing for new development, acquisitions, and construction.
Blacklions Equity Fund
We provide value-add by creating joint ventures with developers, providing an equity participation approach.
Project Finance
We provide a solid capital solution for Projects based on five fundamental pillars of the human life. Health, Education, Food, Infrastructure, Energy and Low Income Homes.
What we do
Industries Financed

Agricultural projects    Technology and infrastructure    Energy  ⊙   Health

Education    Living place    Water    Empowering Woman